Since 1949 Peg Perego has focused solely on creating products for children. We like to think that many families have chosen our goods because we too are a big family. Everyone contributes their specific skills and know-how to the success of a joint project. Therefore, behind the safety, aesthetic appeal and sturdiness of each Peg Perego Ride-on, there is not only a brand but also a name. The name is that of the contributors, in accordance with an Italian tradition that has become the heritage of the world.

Every time a child uses a Peg Perego ride-on, it provides him or her full safety assurance. Our total control over our work, with no external input, is the cornerstone of our safety and a source of pride for us. “Made by Peg Perego” is more than just an advertising slogan.

It is the style of a company and a means of feeling part of a community.

Dylan Distributors Limited is the authorised distributor of the Peg Perego range of battery and pedal operated ride-on toys in Australia.
We carry a large range of Perego toys and spare parts, AND deliver to any part of Australia.


Country Manager
Dylan Distributors Limited
Phone: 1-800-564-399
Email: trade@pegperego-shop.com.au